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    The best and most succesful businesses
    are those that are constantly reinventing
    themselves, creating new sustainable
    cultural and organizational strategies,
    to meet the challenges of the new economy.
// About us

We are a Visionary, Entrepreneurial, and Collaborative Business Community

We have created a proprietary “Distributed Network” and business platform to attract and create great opportunities for Corporations and Companies that are looking for new and related businesses and markets, diversification, partnerships, and capital structures to meet their strategic needs. Many companies are also ready to embrace the need and opportunity to invest in Innovation and Corporate Venture. The changing corporate environment also provides opportunities here for C-level executives who are looking for their second career, professionals who want to become business developers and mentors, or for those who dream of starting a company but don't want to dream alone.

Yes, we are many things, but we are not what the market calls “Consulting”.

At InDelta, our DNA is focused on unlocking the business potential of our clients and partners. Our business development and venture building relationships with clients are focused on looking beyond the immediate horizon. This is what our community is all about: we are ready to connect you to people from different backgrounds and experiences, who can bring unique points of view to leverage your business, or your career, with full commitment and using the best market practices.

// we help you

To think differently!

If you look closely, you will notice that we are conditioned to business models that always take us down the same “beaten path”. We often apply ready-made formulas to our businesses, hoping for a result that sets us apart from the rest. But how is it possible to think and do differently?

InDelta invites you to take the “path less traveled by!”, to break patterns of thought and behavior and look at your business from a new point of view. Better than that: InDelta offers you a place in an active business community, with different points of view, but with one thing in common: the same desire to see your business take off!

A complete synergy and diverse infrastructure of Service and Business cells to leverage and build great businesses.

How We Operate

Interactive Ecosystem
Composed of Companies, Startups, Investors and Business Developers that collaborate to do more, better, and build different businesses together.
Strategic Relationships
Decision making senior level networking with the top executives of companies, startups, and investors.
Our Structure
InDelta structures and operates Private Investment Funds, SPACS and other vehicles for startups and high impact, scalable and sustainable companies, for Investors and Corporations (Corporate Venture Capital).
Our Model
As an ecosystem, in a collaborative network that allows us to operate with very competitive commercial conditions, make it possible to carry out successful business enterprises.
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C-Level Business Developers and Venture Builders in Brazil and abroad.

Premium Business

Co-Workings spaces in over 8 locations in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and Virtual Business Environments.

// Services

We Act to Unlock
your Business Potential


A complete and flexible Business Development Structure available at a fraction of the cost of proprietary ones.

  • Access to investors and financers
  • New customers and new markets
  • High level relationships
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Venture / innovation
  • Interim Mgmt. and C-Levels on demand
  • Participation on Company Boards of Directors

We work as team members and invest to transform early-stage startups into large, successful companies, with adequate compensation including an equity purchase option in return.

Deep involvement of our mentors and C-Level business developers, who work to generate business, strategic alliances, and structuring capital for growth, including through our investment vehicles

We create and operate Private Placement Early-Stage Investment Funds.


We create and operate Corporate Venture Capital Funds and provide M&A and Financial Services.

Mapping of hundreds of high-potential startups, with a careful selection process, via proprietary attractiveness rating and development focused on the demands of companies, investment funds and family offices
// Companies have faced numerous threats in their markets.

Only 20% of these threats come from companies in the same sector.

Almost 80% comes from startups and companies from other sectors
// our vehicles

of Investments

Multi Market
(Early Stage)
  • Search Fund
  • Acceleration
  • Venture Builder
Shareholding vehicle with +20 enterprises. Focus on startups from various segments, with validated MVP and active clients. The portfolio companies work with differentiated technologies and Platform Business models. In this fund we work with financial investment and vesting.
Energy and Smart Cities
(Seed Capital)
  • Multi Corporate Fund
  • Search Fund
  • Acceleration
Multi Corporate VC vehicle for companies and public and private organizations that want to invest in differentiated startups, in the Energy and Smart Cities segments.

Companies and institutions participating in this investment vehicle have the possibility of additional investment in some startups where there is greater strategic interest
(Seed Capital)
Investment vehicle under construction, aimed at the retail area, focusing on the incorporation of startups and small companies that want to work together, creating a Business Platform for a future merger process.

This fund aims to provide financial and strategic support for the internationalization of these companies.
InDelta structures and manages private investments for Corporations (Corporate VC) and qualified investors who want to operate through a Platform that supports business development through its network of Business Developers and companies in its ecosystem.

Our investment structure is like that of a Regulated Fund, but with lower costs.

Our Business Centers

If you are looking for a premium location to develop or install your company, InDelta offers, through its shareholder Delta Business Co-Working, a wide network of Business Co-Working Centers, with a wide range of on-demand services, including support to the development of your business.

Our Manifest Destiny

InDelta belongs to us all. We work as a community, with meaning, authenticity, passion, and purpose. We focus on abundance, not scarcity.

We are all fundamentally of equal value. Our collective purpose is “People of Good, Doing Great Business for the Common Good”. We act ethically and reliably.

At InDelta, each one of us takes care of everyone, so that everyone takes care of us.

We believe that the best way to feel serene is to know that we belong to a group that cares about us. We don't have bosses.

We are all entrepreneurs and leaders who take responsibility for the people and businesses we are committed to. We cultivate freedom responsibly.

Each of us can and should be who we really are and express ourselves freely, always respecting the Common Good.

We share everything we know to multiply our Common Knowledge. We have no prejudices. We respect every idea, every opportunity and every individual as a source of learning and increasing our business community's ability to achieve.

Our organization, structured as a Distributed Network, where everyone can interact with everyone, exponentially multiplies business opportunities and allows for the development of extraordinary and sustainable enterprises and companies.

We seek and support “Dreamers”, who “Dream Big and Make It Happen”

We know that in the world we live in and, especially, in the moment we live in, the concern with numbers, results and certainties can end up stifling your plan to invest in diversified businesses, or even to start your own business, but when we talk about InDelta, we talk about a place for dreamers, we talk about a place to dream together and do together.

All types of business can be made possible when we connect with the right network of people and that's what InDelta offers: the security of being in a community that cares and invests in your dreams together with you, after all, professionals with high track record, from the most diverse areas, will be available to discuss, plan and implement the best paths for your business.

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